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Hayes Higgins Partnership (2HP) is a multidisciplinary professional consulting engineering practice with offices in Dublin
and Kilkenny. 2HP is a medium size, wholly Irish owned, engineering practice. Capabilities at 2HP are underpinned by our
resources, processes and activities that afford us the ability to meet all our clients and customers expectations and needs.

Ensuring the delivery of projects similar to those of the size and scope of the proposed development on time & within budget
requires a well-defined structure that identifies real project goals & time periods around which activities with specified
deliverables are based. 2HP operates an in house Quality Management System (QMS) which has been developed and
refined over a number of years. Our in house QMS is registered to the international standard IS EN ISO 9001:2008
and has been certified by NSAI.

The aim of our QMS is to ensure the delivery of a quality product and enhancing value by focusing on the key principles of;
continual improvement, effective training and resources of team members, measurement of business key performance indexes, customer feedback, internal and external auditing, staff awareness and procedures for opportunities of improvement. Our
QMS ensures that the quality of service the practice provides is of a consistently high and replicable standard. Procedures are
set to ensure check and balances on all aspect of our business are in place. Client satisfaction is a measurable key
performance index of the practice.

Our broad experience as both Project Managers & Consulting Engineers has enabled us to develop real expertise in the
undertaking of multiple projects concurrently. We carefully plan our work to establish the required timescales for each project.
We assess the quantity of work required to ensure sufficient staff are employed to deliver the projects on time, where possible maintaining the same staff team from start to finish to ensure that the project benefits from continuity of knowledge & service.

2HP business culture nurtures continuous professional development for all our staff and we have a commitment to quality service, underpinned by our accreditation to both Engineers Ireland CPD and IS EN ISO 9001:2015. We have a depth of organisational knowledge through our collective experience, accumulated through our systems, routines and activities of sharing within our organisation. We can draw upon experience and knowledge of the highest quality and excellence. We can confirm that our project teams are all qualified professionals in their relevant discipline.


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