Dundalk Town Council commissioned a Transport Study of the Town Centre. The objective of the study is a review of the roads network and the associated traffic demands with particular attention to the town centre and in consideration of pedestrian and cyclist needs.


Name of Project: Dundalk Traffic Survey

Means of Procurement: Traditional

Client: Town Clerk, Dundalk UDC


Innovative solutions:

Suggested ideas for bringing new life into Dundalk Town Center and areas around Clanbrassil Street are as follows.

  1. Increase car- parking facilities adjacent to the Clanbrassil Street area.

  2. Provide commuter bus routes through the Main Street.

  3. Provide safe cycle lanes and safe parking for bicycles.

  4. Turn Clanbrassil Street into a public garden with trees, flowers and public seating. Enhance the beauty of our main street.

Description of Role:

Transportation Services

Total Capital Value:


Dates of Involvement:





Design Team:

Transportation Engineers Hayes Higgins Partnership