There are very few areas of the development process that are not influenced by transportation planning and sound traffic engineering. The choices a project development makes about transportation have implications on safety, efficiency, and design on a project scale (micro) and a larger scale (macro).

The choices an engineer/planner makes are influenced by the geographical layout of existing roads and walkway networks, adjacent land uses, applicable rules and regulations, and social considerations. Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning combines the principals of engineering and planning with an understanding of social behavior and the habits of transportation systems.

We offer expert consulting services for all aspects of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning. Our staff has the ability to consider the overall vision of a project (planned uses, density, etc.) in the context of the surrounding land uses and transportation networks to offer concrete solutions aimed at maintaining the safe and efficient interaction between motorists, pedestrians and other modes of transportation.


Services Include:

·         Land Usage and Transportation

·         Traffic Engineering

·         Traffic Impact Assessment