The Process

A good Structural Design tailors the structure to the scope and scale of the intended use. It also takes possible future uses and expansion into account. A good design is efficient, in that the appropriate materials have been chosen in the sizes and strengths that are most efficient for the structure’s use.


Our structural design process is rigorous:

  • Exploration from first principles

  • Establishing bearing capacities

  • Establishing the logic and concept

  • Optimising the performance of frame, foundations and façades

  • Evaluating the use of materials and energy

  • Improving details

  • Testing/checking solutions

  • Using feedback


The power of our 3D modeling and ability to introduce early contributions from our fire engineering, geotechnics, façades, services and sustainability groups enables us to identify structural choices and evaluate risk.


Services Include:

  • Concept and Feasibility Studies

  • Value Engineering

  • Design and Build

  • Inspection and Assessment

  • Strengthening and Modification

  • Temporary Works

  • Refurbishment and Conservation