Hayes Higgins provided Project management and Civil and Structural Engineering Services over the 8 years implementation of this 2 phase project.


Areas of the site which have the potential for contaminat are kerbed and bunded and the rainwater collected within these areas are pumped to the on-site WWTP. Other (non-chemical spill) catchment areas of the site will be provided with a surface water drainage system. Rainfall which enters the surface water system drains under gravity to a sampling basin. Uncontaminated surface water passes from the site to the municipal storm main. If contamination is detected, the surface water will be diverted to the on-site fire water retention tank.Rain water falling onto paving from non-process buildings such as administration buildings, the laboratory, cafeteria and the security building located at the front of the site and the car park area are sent directly to the storm water drainage outfall.


There is no provision for directing this emission to the on-site fire water retention pond as this is considered a non-risk area. Surface water from car park areas pass through an oil interceptor prior to discharge. The oil interceptor shall be inspected and maintained as part of the overall site maintenance.The fire water retention pond is designed to contain the maximum projected fire water discharge on site and 50 mm rainfall runoff from the site catchment area, equivalent to 4,000 m3.


In the event of a fire in the pharmaceutical plant the on-site fire brigade and municipal fire station as necessary will treat the fire with water and various chemicals. The firewater is diverted into a 4,000m3 tank where detergents, hydrocarbons, debris, grit and chemicals are removed prior to being pumped into the specially designed waste water treatment facility. On going work relates to an extension of fire-cover period to 2 hours with associated increased water storage on site to service this increased fire-cover period. A new firewater recovery tank is due to be constructed - complete by year end .


Name of Project: Bristol Myers Squib Swords Firewater Retention

Means of Procurement: Traditional

Client: Bristol Myers Squibb



The proposed fire water containment has been assessed and found to be in compliance with the Agency’s guidance notes and adequately sized for the proposed facility. This plant is EPA complaint and is subject to IPA licence. 

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Project management and Civil

Structural Engineering Services 

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Project Manager: Hayes Higgins Partnership

Civil & Structural: Hayes Higgins Partnership

Mechanical & Electrical: Treatment Systems