Dublin Zoo Redevelopment

New Elephant House & Exhibit €7.0m

This project involved the construction of elephant pools, landscaping works, paddocks, viewing amphitheatre and animal welfare facilities and animal housing.


Sealion and Flamingo Habitat €3.5m

Sealion & Flamingo Habitat including 400m2 salt water pool for the sealions and new 15,000m3 netted habitat for the flamingos currently in tender phase. 


Refurbishment to Haughton House €2.0m

This project involved the Restoration of a 2-Storey late 19th Century Building at Dublin Zoo including the stripping back of more recent extensions and opening up of the Ground Floor Area for use as an Education / Display Facility.


Family Farm €1m

This project involved the construction of a Family Farm including classroom building and interactive facilities with a construction cost of €1,000,000 completed iin 2010.


New Restaurant & Staff Facilities €2.0m

This project involved the construction including kitchens, dining areas, cold rooms & storage, public areas, office and conference accommodation, staff facilities and car parking.


Asian Forest €1.5m

Asian Forest including new habitats for lions and tigers with a construction cost of €1,500,000 completed in 2012.


Award Winning Ibis Cliff €2.0m

This project involved the construction of a new rock effect cliff face exhibit for critically endangered bald-headed Ibis is currently nearing completion. The construction provided for nesting areas and recreates the natural habitat for these birds.Public viewing areas have been designed to minimize disturbance to the birds. A deck with panoramic views over the lake has recently been completed.


Dublin Zoo Infrastructure €2.0m

Hayes Higgins Partnership acted as Consultant Engineers for the proposed rationalisation of existing site services. Site Services included water services, ESB, drainage, gas, telecom etc. also the design and installation of site lighting security power requirements and fire alarm systems and general services installation in the Safari Park.


New animal enclosure at African Plains €3.0m

Hayes Higgins were appointed The African Plains Project and associated civil works (circa 3 hectares) including extensive landscaping works to allow animals to be viewed by public at close proximity without endangering animals or public. The African Savanah includes new fencing, view shelters and access for animals underneath existing roads with a construction cost of €3,500,000 completed in 2009.


Gorilla Habitat €3.5m

Gorilla Habitat including 1,500m2 holding building, moat with associated boardwalks with a construction cost of €3,500,000 completed in 2011.


New Veterinary Building €3m

Hayes Higgins were appointed for a new veterinary operating theatre, recovery rooms and storage facilities.



Name of Project: Dublin Zoo Various Projects

Means of Procurement: Traditional Contract

Client: OPW


M+E Engineering Services

Specialist conservation engineering service to listed buildings such as Haughton House.

Complete infrastructural design package for Zoo.


Dublin Zoo Vets

Dublin Zoo Elephant House

Description of Role:

Civil Structural Engineering Services

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services

PSDP Services

Fire Safety Engineering Services

Temporary Works Design

Total Capital Value:


Dates of Involvement:


Design Team:

Architect: Jones & Jones

Quantity Surveyor: John J. Casey & Co.

Architect: OPW 
Civil / Structural: Hayes Higgins Partnership
Mechanical / Electrical Hayes Higgins Partnership