Hayes Higgins Partnership was appointed to act a Consulting Civil Structural Engineers in the design and construction of this 98 acre provincial park and ride facility located on an intercity rail line.

The development will consist of the following:

  1. 100,000m2 of retail units.

  2. A park and ride facility adjacent to N24 and Limerick Junction mainline Cork / Dublin rail station.

  3. 250 residential units.

  4. A new roundabout on the existing N24 and access road into the development.

  5. Access road to the new N24 Tipperary By Pass.

  6. A 20m clear span pedestrian to the intercity railway line.

  7. 3,500 PE Treatment Plant.

  8. Water Treatment Facility.



Name of Project: Limerick Junction Mixed Use Development County Tipperary

Means of Procurement: Design and Build

Client: Harte Holdings



New roundabout on the existing N24 and access road into the development.

Proposed pedestrian bridge access to existing train station.

Sustainable urban drainage.

Hayes Higgins also provided Specialist Design Services in Transportation & Highways Design Services

Description of Role:

Civil Structural Engineering Services
Design and Supervision Services
Infrastructure Services
Environmental Services

Dates of Involvement:


Design Team:

Architect: Fewer Harrington Partnership
Civil Structural Engineers: Hayes Higgins Partnership
Environmental Engineers: Hayes Higgins Partnership 
Transportation Engineers: Hayes Higgins Partnership