This district hospital is a former workhouse building which has been renovated to house the hospital. The extension included but was not limited to admissions areas, in-patient out-patient services, supporting infrastructure and improved access. The works were carried out in a live hospital environment which necessitated precisely coordinated phasing of the works to ensure no interruption to the operations of the hospital.


Name of Project: Castlecomer District Hospital Extension

Means of Procurement: Standard GCCC

Client: HSE


This project is an ‘Acute Healthcare’ project which is defined in the Information Memorandum of the Framework Document as a healthcare facility catering for tertiary and secondary healthcare services with in-patient and out-patient facilities. Acute facilities include but are not limited to: emergency department, intensive care, coronary care, cardiology, neonatal intensive care, hospital ward accommodation etc.

Description of Role:

Mechanical & Electrical Design & Supervision Services

Total Capital Value:


Dates of Involvement: