This project consisted of an Environmental Improvement Scheme for Ballybought Street and Ossory Park Lane Road Improvement Works. Works included the following:

• Under grounding of existing overhead services.

• Laying of new drainage and utility services.

• Widening of the existing road to include new parking and footpaths.

• Construction of a new 36m long x 2.5m high R.C. Retaining Wall.

• Condition surveys of existing dwellings.

• Erection of road signs and alterations to existing traffic signal ducts.


Name of Project: Ballybought Street and Ossory Park Lane, Road Improvement Schemes, kilkenny

Means of Procurement:Traditional

Client: Kilkenny Borough Council


Acting as Project Supervisor Design Process for Kilkenny Borough Council Kilkenny our responsibilities included the following:

• Identifying hazards arising from the design or from the technical organisational, planning or time related aspects of the project.

• Communicate necessary control measures, design assumptions or remaining risks to the PSCS.

• Ensure the work of designers was coordinated to ensure safety.

• Construction site Health and Safety Audits.

• Preparation of Preliminary Health and Safety Plan advising the Client on issues relating to Health and Safety at this point in the project cycle.

• Compilation of the Safety and Health File at completion and presenting it to the Client.


Any Specialist Design Service provided within the discipline: 

Hayes Higgins Partnership also acted as Civil/Structural Engineers on this project.


Innovative Solution Provided, if any: 

Hayes Higgins implements a system of In-House Training courses adopting lessons learned from post contract audits to ensure that there is opportunity for improvement.

Description of Role:

Project Supervisor Design Process

Total Capital Value:


Dates of Involvement:


Design Team:

Hayes Higgins Partnership-Civil/Structural Engineers
Hayes Higgins Partnership-PSDP