Environmental Decisions are Business Decisions


Environmental Engineering plays a huge role in preserving and protecting the planet, involving the use of the external natural environment. It shapes conditions and technological methods to uphold the human environment and nature’s biological balance. In a world of growing cities and populations environmental engineering limits the adverse effects of mankind’s economic activity. While reducing the usage of non-renewable resources the needs of materials can still be met for current and future generations. At Hayes Higgins Partnership, we know that environmental issues can greatly impact property transactions and development decisions. We know that the scope of these issues can determine the success - or failure - of one’s development plans.


Environmental Engineering also mitigates the effects of natural disasters. One cannot prevent their occurrence, but one can identify and minimize the occurrence risk and the potential impact of the occurrence.


Services Include:

·         Environmental Services

·         Hydrology, River and Coastal Engineering

·         Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments