At Hayes Higgins Partnership we implement Energy Management Systems (EnMS) in all of our projects because to us they make sense. Establishing an EmNS in each project ensures that we are able to monitor and improve our energy performance. This is especially beneficial in energy-intensive processes like the healthcare and industrial sectors, cutting costs and reducing energy use over the long term. At Hayes Higgins Partnership we are active in searching for new opportunities as they arise and exploit all areas where energy savings can be achieved.


As set out by the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland establishing an EnMS requires us to:

  • "Develop and implement an energy policy

  • Identify your main energy users

  • Set energy objectives and measurable targets

  • Implement and operate programmes to meet these objectives and targets

  • Check and take corrective action as required

  • Review your system continually and improve where possible


The main benefits of an EnMS are that it:

  • Embeds best-practice energy management in your day-to-day operations

  • Improves your performance and productivity

  • Reduces your energy costs

  • Ensures that you maintain a process of continual improvement

  • Ensures that senior managers commit to energy efficiency and that all staff play a role in the process

  • Helps you to comply with your energy-efficiency and emission-reduction obligations

  • Standardises processes so that improvements are sustained over time"