The design and build consortium planned a fast-track on-site construction duration of 34 weeks as part of Department of Education and Skills Rapid Build Programme.

In July 2013, the Department of Education and Skills prioritised funding to facilitate the construction of schools in rapidly developing areas such as Esker, Lucan, Co. Dublin.  Esker Educate Together National School was tendered on a design and build basis for the new 16 classrooms, 6 SET classrooms with GP hall in October 2013. It was intended that the school would be operational by the start of the school term in September 2014/15. The commencement date was 2nd January 2014 and construction of the school was completed within a 34-week programme.

The project consisted of the construction of a 2 storey national school comprising of 16No-Classrooms, 6No support teaching classrooms and ancillary accommodation with a total floor area of c. 2524sqm.  The site works to the school grounds involved the provision of 2No ball court, Bike shed, 1No junior play area gardens & landscaping boundary treatments, a new roundabout and set down area, disabled parking and teacher parking provision.

All civil works were carried out in accordance with The National Roads Authorities guidelines and parameters.


Name of Project: Esker Educate Together National School, Lucan

Client: DoES



In accordance with the Department of Education and Skills school specification, the building was constructed to facilitate a passive environment entailing light sensitive light fittings, excellent natural daylight, natural ventilation, air infiltration and water efficiency.

The requirements set out in the Department’s TGD documents for air-tightness required an air loss of 3m3/h/m2 at a test pressure of 50Pa.  The actual results from the test at surpassed the minimum requirements.

The Building Energy Rating survey was carried out in August 2014 which resulted in the building receiving a highly sustainable building energy rating band of A3. 



Description of Role:

Civil and Structural Engineering Services