This project includes a refurbishment an existing gate lodge, the provision of new visitor centre, and the provision of a new 30m long bridge from the visitor centre to the existing tower.

Name of Project: Nenagh Castle & Visitor Centre, Nenagh, County Tipperary

Means of Procurement: Traditional

Client: OPW


Specialist Design Service provided: 
  1. Temporary Works Design.

  2. Method Statements for basement excavations.

  3. Condition Surveys of existing buildings including crack monitoring.

  4. Method Statements and Temporary Works Design for Façade Retention and Strengthening.

  5. Liaison with Heritage Officer and Conservation Architect.

  6. Design of 30m span pedestrian bridge.



All Structural strengthening of existing floors and roofs was carried out using timbers sourced from renewable sources,

Strengthening of timbers was carried out by pairing up to weaker members or replacement. Steel plates in the form of flitch beams and the use shallow bow string trusses were also used to strengthen dilapidated structures.

Description of Role:

Civil Structural Engineers

Total Capital Value:


Dates of Involvement:


Design Team:

Architects: Kelly & Coogan Architects
Civil/Structural: Hayes Higgins Partnership