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Contract Signing for Rapid Housing
in Co. Meath
January 2019

Meath County Council have signed a contract to the value of €5.0M with Manley Construction to construct 30 rapid build houses
at Kilmainhamwood, Cortown and Oldcastle as part of the social housing delivery under Rebuilding Ireland. Hayes Higgins Partnership
are delighted to provide Civil & Structural Engineering, Building Services Engineering and Project Supervisor Design Process services
for the project.

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Hayes Higgins Partnership working on new housing scheme with Meath county council
Hayes Higgins Partnership join forces with Dublin Zoo to Bring Wild Lights Alive

Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo
November 2018

Wild Lights is back at Dublin Zoo with an entirely new cast of illuminated giant silk lanterns. Hayes Higgins Partnership are once again delighted to provide engineering design services to both new and returning themes & exhibits. Spectacular new themes on show this year including Winter Wonderland, Celebrating China and The North Pole.

Social Networks


John Hayes receives Certificate in NZEB Policy & Technology
November 2018

Our Managing Partner, John Hayes has received a Certificate in NZEB Policy & Technology from the President of Dublin Institute
of Technology, Dr. Brian Norton. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovations in building envelope design elements such
as nZEB that represents the future in how buildings will be designed, constructed and operated.

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