Our vision is to become a significant international provider of professional services to the built environment procurement industry.


We will achieve this by
  • Providing world class, sustainable, cost effective, innovative and timely solutions to our clients needs.

  • Growing our team's capability via Continuing Professional Development.

  • Identifying and partnering with key stakeholders in the market we serve.

  • Ensuring that our service delivery process meets the highest standards and is subjected to rigorous external verification.



We aim to
  • Attract and keep the best staff

  • Develop the full potential of every person in the practice

  • Continue to work with the best construction professionals to deliver the best outcomes.

  • Use our intelligence, imagination, experience and energy to continually refine the design and construction process

  • Lead the way in integrating design and construction



Our goal is to deliver projects that by their nature define what it means to be sustainable – in terms of economic, social and environmental outcomes. We don’t have a separate sustainability ‘unit’, nor ask our clients whether they want sustainability services as the optional extra service.

  • And we recognise that while improving the efficiency of resource use and mitigating environmental impacts are important aspects of becoming more sustainable, we know that what society really requires is a fundamental step change in the nature and effectiveness of development.

  • For these reasons our approach to sustainability is different. We are working to embed sustainability into our approach to each and every project, to the choices of projects to work on, and the clients we work with.

  • We’re also translating sustainability thinking into all aspects of our business operations. To us, it simply makes good sense.

  • Sustainability is now central to everything we do. And we believe the greatest impact we can make is in the delivery of sustainability principles through the projects we work on.

  • We work on a diverse range of projects across a variety of industries, yet in all of these projects we aim for outcomes that consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of both our work and our corporate footprint. And we are prepared to 'walk the talk', alongside our clients and our people.